Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser – January

Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser:
The flocks of flamingos will be migrating their way around Hayward during the month of January.
This fundraiser is to help the 8th to 12th grade students get to Houston, Texas in June.
Send a flock to friend, family or congregational member or grab some “insurance” so you don’t get flocked!!
Flocking can be done in a 15 mile radius from First Lutheran Church.

Cost is $5 for 1 flamingo; $10 for 3 flamingos $20 for 5 flamingos and $30 for 10 flamingos. Insurance is $15.

Flamingos will stay at each location for 1 to 2 days before migrating to the next “victim”.
Sales can be made by emailing Tiffany Chipman at tchipman@firstlutheranhaywardwi.net, by calling at 715-558-8364  or complete the forms around the flamingos or on the Gold Cart in the Narthex. Thank you in advance.