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tiffanyWelcome! The First Lutheran Church Youth page is your starting point for finding resources, individuals involved with youth, as well as programs and initiatives for youth.

First Lutheran Church offers a variety of opportunities for youth to grow in and explore their faith. One of the most powerful events, offered every third year, is the ELCA Youth Gathering, during which tens of thousands of high school youth and adults converge on a city to serve, worship and learn how to lead lives of discipleship.

Terrific Tuesdays (every Tuesday that school is in sessions) Grades: K-3rd. After school until 5pm. Snack, Bible Lesson, Fellowship, and Fun. Led by: Tiffany Chipman, Kelly Poppe, and Rhonda Passolt

Wednesday Nite Live: Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 7:30pm (Grades 4th-8th) Camp-Style Worship (everyone welcome) followed by classroom lessons, discussion, fellowship. **this is the confirmation and pre-confirmation classes. Led by: Tiffany Chipman (grades 4&5) and Pastor ? (grades 6-8)

Sunday school: Grades Pre-K though 5th. Led by: Emma Bratley (Pre-K & Kindergarten), Paige Sulley (Grades 1-3), Tiffany Chipman (Grades 4-5)

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Tiffany Chipman

Youth and Family Ministry