First Lutheran Church of Hayward, WI

Daily Devotion by Pastor Joel Bacon

God of healing and rest, help those whose hearts are heavy and weighed down by many troubles. Comfort their suffering, ease their distress, and carry their burdens. Please pray for: 

Barbara Williamson, Kari Costa, Gareth Nelson, Todd Swanson, Sharron Probyn, Wallie Meisner, Alanna Jerome, Jane Wikum, David Grothe, Dave Stevens, Ryan Ignase, Palmer McCoy

Fall 2020 Worship Schedule

(through November 1, 2020)

  • Wednesday
    6:30pm: A contemporary, interactive worship. Today's christian music, word, prayer, discussion, and communion.
  • Saturday
    5pm: Traditional worship with word, prayer, and communion
  • Sunday
    8am: Traditional worship with word, prayer, and communion. Worship will stream live on Facebook.
    10am: Traditional worship with word, prayer, and communion. 99.9 FM Transmitter broadcast in parking lot.

Online Bible Studies (open to EVERYONE)

  • Every Tuesday at 7 pm
  • Every Wednesday at 10 am

Please email Tiffany Chipman if you would like to join these online Bible Studies.  Please indicate which day.  Tiffany will email the link and password to join.

​Liturgical Calendar 2020

Easter Season ends with Pentecost Sunday on May 31 (50 days after Easter) and goes into the Time After Pentecost (or Ordinary Time).  The next season will be Advent in December.

Home Holy Communion:

Set your table for communion with a cup of wine or grape juice, bread, a bowl of water, a candle and a cross. Follow along with the worship on Sunday and join in Holy Communion at home. Take time to share the body and blood of Our Savior.

Click here for Hearts @ Home Communion Liturgy.




   Let all that you do be done in love.

I Corinthians 16:14