First Lutheran Church of Hayward, WI

Daily Devotion by Pastor Joel Bacon

God of healing and rest, help those whose hearts are heavy and weighed down by many troubles. Comfort their suffering, ease their distress, and carry their burdens. Please pray for: 

Todd Swanson, Jane Wikum, Palmer McCoy, Dean Schleeter, Jim Probyn, Lavada Hodd, Fern McCoy, Mary Beaver, John Schuenzel,  Jim Meier

Lenten Worship Schedule

  • Wednesday Worships
    *12pm (in-person & live on Facebook, traditional)
    *6:30 pm (in-person & live on Facebook, contemporary)
  • Saturday Worship at 5pm (in-person, traditional)
  • Sunday Worships: 
    *8am (in-person and live on Facebook, traditional)
    *10 am (in-person, traditional)

Streaming is on  Facebook or later archived on our Worship page.
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   Let all that you do be done in love.

I Corinthians 16:14