First Lutheran Youth

Terrific Tuesdays: K-5th Grade

Terrific Tuesdays are BACK!!! Who is ready for another fun and faithful year?
We will meet after school EVERY Tuesday until 5 pm. This is open to all K-5th Grade Youth and families.

***We will be outside as much as possible. When inside we would like masks used and we will set up
our areas to help with distancing. All safety and precautions we can take-we will!*** As always - we will meet on all days there is school. If school is canceled or a day off we will not have Terrific Tuesday that day!

Wednesday Nite Live - 6th - 12th Grade

Wednesdays ROCK!
We have FAITH5 Interactive Worship FOR ALL!!!!!
We have Fellowship. We have Confirmation. We have Youth Group. We have Fun!

6:30pm: FAITH5 Worship
7:00pm: Meal & Fellowship
7:30pm: Small Group Breakout Session
8:00pm: Youth & Young Adult Bible Study

Faith building and learning about Our Savior is so important for our preteen and teenagers. During times like
we are in now a new level of stress is added to our youth! Let's lead them through faithfulness of Our Lord and
Savior. Let's reassure them of the greatness God gives us!

Youth & Young Adult Bible Study

Today's youth and young adults face many obstacles. And guess what? The Bible is here to help! Join us every Wednesday at 8pm to stir up these obstacles and learn how the Bible is here to help!

8pm - Every Wednesday - First Lutheran Church

Ages: 6th Grade and up

Tiffany Chipman

Director of Youth & Education