First Lutheran Youth


When? Monday, June 27th-Thursday, June 30th from 9:00-12:00 each morning.

Who? Children who will be entering first-sixth grade.

What? Our theme this year is Making Waves!

Vacation Bible School Information:
For Vacation Bible School this coming summer, we will be accepting children that have completed their kindergarten year of school through children that have completed their fifth grade school year. If you have a child interested that is going into seventh grade or above that is interested, they are more than  welcome to come and enjoy the fun as a helper!


Registration forms will be printed and can be filled out and placed in Erinn Bratley’s mailbox upon completion. Forms MUST be filled out and turned in prior to June 23rd for your child to participate so we can plan for group sizes, amount of materials needed, snacks to supply, etc.

If your child is going to be a helper, please check the box on top of the registration form before filling it out and turning it in.

Children will be served a snack at 11 each morning, but will not be provided with a full breakfast or lunch.  This will be the only food that is provided to them throughout their time at VBS.

With any questions, you may reach out to the coordinator, Emma Bratley, at either (715)558-9763 or

Child hands

ELCA Youth Gathering 2022
Has been canceled for 2022